• Student

      $ 19.95 AUD
      Per User / Year

      Immerse your students in a new kind of textbook

      • Recreate the reading experience of the CARS and STARS student books online
      • Seamless integration from Placement Test to CARS Assessment to STARS Instruction
      • Students can view their progress chart after completing their test
      • Students can review their own Lessons and Self-Assessments
      • Teachers and others can maintain constant online data analysis
    • Teacher

      $ 29.95 AUD
      Per User / Year

      Take the headache out of assessments and reporting

      • Manage student account
      • Accessible Reports (Student, Class and School)
      • Intuitive administrative tools
      • Provide a complete overview of a student's activities throughout their use of the program
      • Get notified when a student completes assessments

      Note for school administrators: You will require a valid teacher subscription for as long as you are accessing the portal. The term 'school administrator' gives the teacher’s account higher access and more control over the school's CARS & STARS account.